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What Is Call Plywood?

In Indonesian, it is call plywood, in daily language the layman carpenter call triplex, even though more than 3 layers. In other educational institutions referred to it as a multiplex which means a few layers.

Plywood is made of a thin sheet, or coating the fiber direction which arrange the bottom and top sheet by a special glue under great pressure to obtain a certain thickness. The sheets are usually obtained from stripping process logs are rotary. This process is obtained from the width and length of the sheet in a small thickness (0.3mm – 3 mm).

If plywood used to make construction, it is highly resistant to the risk of broken / cracked, warped or twisted which depends also on the thickness. Starting from the standard thickness of 3mm, 4mm, 6,9,12,15,18 mm and so on. At first plywood produced because the need for very large wide. Nevertheless plywood also has limitations in length and width.

Plywood (plywood) has the following classification:

1. Custom grades, were selected based on the beauty of color and sinews. Examples are 3mm plywood-faced Decorative: Teak plywood, plywood Ramin, Sungkai plywood, plywood Rose, Red Oak plywood, melamine plywood etc..

2. Good grades, quality is less than custom, pretty decent for a natural finishing melamine

3. Sound & Utilities grades, have a low quality of the structure is usually used for work, or they can be overlaid by finishing duce

4. Backing grades, the low quality of the function for jobs because that are not visible structure.


Some of the benefits of the use of plywood when compared to other wood use are:

1. Flower shrinkage in the longitudinal direction and widened considerably smaller, so it is a material that has better dimensional stability

2. Has a large wide resistance against cleavage and cracking.

3. Allows use of sheets of a larger board.

4. Allows use of sheets of curved boards.

5. Possible to plywood used more efficiently

6. Light plywood facilitates to make decision on specific items.

7. Let's get the effect of a wider decorative value

8. Able to hold nails and screws better.


Defect is an abnormality found on the plywood that can affect the quality of the plywood. Types of defects on plywood divided into several, there are:

• Defects that occur naturally or caused by natural factors.

• Technical defects are defects that occur caused by technical factors or processing.

• Defects that caused by sandpaper when sanding.

• Defects felts are defects that occur at the time of compression.

• Defects blades are defects that occur at the time of stripping.

• Gap is an open defect (grooves) that occurs due to lack of connection venir meeting. Rupture is the separation of wood fibers

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