Jumat, 19 April 2013

Contemporary or Modern Sofa


Contemporary sofa is characterized by simplicity in style and ornamentation. Usually, they are not entirely made ​​of wood, metal is also used in the production of most of them. Standard contemporary style sofa is simple and the cheapest one can find.

Standard contemporary sofa is a stable unit and the company made ​​from the base, seat and back. Some styles feature are removable cushion and no armrests. Possessed strong characteristics of modern or contemporary sofa. This model was designed with emphasis on function and comfort compared to its design. Therefore, suburbs tend of sofa sofas soft so it is ideal for use in the family room or living room with a relaxed feel.

Unlike many traditional sofa using a framework of wood, the wood sofa this model uses very little or even nothing at all. In addition, the handle is made parallel to the seat sofa. One example of modern model couch is Tuxedo sofa.

Sofa style is characterized by the fact that one or two parts of the back leaning individual. A foot rest is also included to provide a higher level of comfort. A line bearing seats available for each section and for the rest of extensible legs. Typically, this type of sofa reclines when you lie down, but there are models that can lay down and secured in this position.

source of picture: plinthandchintz.com

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