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Causes And Symptoms of Sore Throat

Very common and known reason for having a throat infection is due to attack of bacteria. Bacteria which can be caused by many of the common illness such as common cold, fever, flu and other disease which affects your throat indirectly.

The other known problems due to which you can suffer sore throat are due to smoking, polluted air, consumption of alcohol and any other allergies you are suffering from. This causes lot of pain and be very uncomfortable to the patient. Sore throat problem can be easily treated and some can be a relentless pain in your neck.

Some may feel a dry scratchy and painful feeling while talking or swallowing food. These are some of the known signs of having a sore throat. Even though with so many problems it cannot be termed as a disease, but a condition or a symptom of another illness.

Sometimes the sore throat problems can be easily treated and may not even require the presence of the doctor. But, if things do not look good with your throat, it has to be checked with the doctor and a thorough test has to be done before jumping into conclusions. It is being noticed that children are the main victims of having a sore throat.

With different illness you will have different symptoms of having a sore throat. When you are suffering from cold, influenza and mononucleosis they show some of these very common signs and symptoms of having a sore throat. This is a combined list of all the symptoms affecting you when attacked by these illnesses
-Continuous sneezing
-Watery eyes
-Slight Fever
-Scratchy throat
-Dry cough
-Body aches
-Loss of appetite
-Inflammation of liver

With an itching and discomforting throat you can get some relief by following these home remedy treatments
-Eat garlic on a regular basis; it is one of the most common things to have when you have a sore throat
-Gargle with warm salt water several times a day
-A simple tonic which can be made at home to give relief from your sore throat. A mixture of lemon juice and little honey in a glass of hot water serves up as a good sore throat reliever
-Increase your liquid intake
-Cut a slice of lemon and then dip it in a mixture of salt and black pepper. Then warm this lemon and then keep licking this lemon till there is no juice left in lime.
-Having figs and beetroot is also good
-Leafs of Basil or even juice of the same is very good for sore throat

Kevin Pederson has been managing a number of natural home remedies websites which have information on Home Based Remedies for sore throat. These remedies would help greatly if done on regular basis.

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