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Feeding Skill Development and Recommended Food

An infan can begin eating solid foods between four and six months. The aim of introducing solid food is to provide needed nutrients that are no longer supplied adequately by breast milk or infant formula alone. The exact timing of giving solid food depends on the individual infant’s needs and developmental readiness.

1. Age 0-3 months

Feeding skill :

a. Turns head toward any object that brushes cheek.

b. Initially swallow using back of tongue; gradually begins to swallow using front of tongue as well.

c. Strong reflex (extrusion) to push food out during first 2 to 3 months

Appropriate foods added to the diet :

Feed breast milk or infant formula

2. Age 4-6 months

Feeding skill :

a. Extrusion reflex diminishes, and the ability to swallow non-liquid foods develops.

b. Indicate desire for food by opening mouth and learning forward.

c. Indicates satiety or disinterest by turning away and learning back.

d. Sits erect with support at 6 months.

e. Begins chewing action.

f. Brings hand to mouth.

g. Graps objects with palm of hand.

Appropriate foods added to the diet :

a. Begin iron-fortified cereal mixed with breast-milk, formula, or water.

b. Begin pureed vegetables and fruits.

3. Age 6-8 months

Feeding skill :

a. Able to self-feed finger foods

b. Develops pincer (finger to thumbs) grasp

c. Begins to drink from cup

Appropriate foods added to the diet :

a. Begin textured vegetables and fruits.

b. Begins unsweetened, diluted fruit juices from cup

4. Age 8-10 months

Feeding skill :

a. Begins to hold own bottle

b. Reaches for and grabs food and spoon

c. Sits unsupported

Appropriate foods added to the diet :

a. Begin breads and cereals from table

b. Begin yoghurt

c. Begin pieces of soft, cooked vegetables and fruit from table

d. Gradually begin finely cut meats, fish, casseroles, cheese, eggs, and mashed legumes

5. Age 10-12 months

Feeding skill :

Begins to master spoon, but still spills some

Appropriate foods added to the diet :

a. Add variety

b. Gradually increase portion sizes

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