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Tips for Breast Fedding


Breast milk is the best food for infant during the first 6 month. Nutrient composition and protective factors in breast milk promote optimal infant health and development throughout the first year of life. Breast milk is more easily to digest than formula, so breastfeed infant usually need to eat more frequently than formula-fed infants. During the first week, infant need 8-12 times feeding a day. After that, feeding can be gave on demand, as soon as infant shows early signs of hunger, such as increased alertness, activity, or sucking motions. Crying is a late sign of hunger.

An infant who nurses every two to three hours and sleeps between feeding is adequatley nourished. As infants get older, the stomach capacitu enlarges and the breat milk production increase, allow longer interval between feeding.

Breast milk production will become optimal only if infant sucking breast early. Colostrum is very recommended for infant to prevent infant from infectious disease. Although the infants obtain about half the milk from breast during the first two or three minutes of sucking, breastfeeding is encouraged for about 10-15 minutes on each breast. It will incrase intimate bound between mother and the baby.

It is clear that breast milk is not only have the best nutrient and protect infant from diseases, but it also has psychological aspect that is increase intimate bound between mother and the baby. Based on those, World Health Organozation (WHO) have recommended to give only breast milk for the first 6 months (exclusive breast milk) wihout any supplement food or formula for infant. Many studies have proved that breast milk contain good nutrient composition and can fullfill the nutrition requirement of the baby throughout first six months.

Here are some tips for mother in breast feeding their baby :

1. It is recommended to start breast feding with relax and feel of happy.

2. Breast milk should be given since the first day of birth.

3. Start to breast feed for 5 minutes with one breast. Later, mother can prolong the time with one or two breasts depend on breast milk production.

4. Give as much breast milk as possible. It is not recommended to make schedule of breast feeding. After some weeks, infant can arrange his own schedule.

5. Vitamin and mineral supplementation were not needed by infant during having breast milk for first 6 months, except for Flour may be needed in some cases.

6. Mother should eat regularly with adequate nutrient intake.

7. Mother was not allowed to have drugs without any recommendation from the doctor.

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